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Off-site construction can service a variety of building and construction types such as education, housing, health care, office, government, dormitory, retail, and hospitality. Off-site is a building process of delivery as much as it is an amalgamation of building products. When understood and deployed by stakeholders intentionally, with early project planning, it is a well-suited solution to control project schedules and budgets while increasing quality and reducing environmental impact. Off-site construction is especially effective when employed to shorten building cycles, on repetitious or unique projects, and with teams that are prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities associated with its delivery. –

Permanent Modular Construction is deployed for multistory multi-family structures, government buildings, health care facilities, schools, hotels, and any other building types found in traditional on-site construction. Whereas three to four years ago PMC only constituted 25% of the market share in the modular industry, today it represents over 50%.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the this alternative type of construction which is becoming increasingly higher in demand as the construction industry has continued to evolve and faces greater pressure create more pro-active Design and build at a quicker rate in order to accommodate demanding societal and global change as part of a growing population.


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